CHEAP WATER PIPES, METAL PIPES, GANDALFS, SHERLOCKS, ROOR, HOOKAHS, STEAMROLLERS, GLASS PIPES, VAPORIZERS, AND TOBACCO PIPE.                                                                                                                                                                 HOME OF SMOKEY'S PIPE DREAMS
Welcome to SWG Tobacco Pipes!

We have the best, cheap water pipes, glass, pipes, metal pipes, wood pipes and accessories available all over the internet.  Our tobacco pipes are made by skilled artisans using great care to bring us the highest quality glass pipes available to you at an inexpensive price.  Our pipes enhance the smoking pleasure of our customers because of their unique design and state-of-the-art workmanship.  We only carry the best tobacco pipes, glass pipes, water pipes, concentrate pipes, vaporizers, bubblers, gandalfs, hookahs, chunky pipes, wood pipes and accessories.  We are always researching for the newest smoking products available and adding to our inventory.

Each glass pipe is inspected to ensure the glass pipe is of the highest quality borosilicate and has not been damaged.  Our wood pipes, metal pipes, concentrate pipes, vaporizers, chunky glass pipes, gandalfs, bubblers, tobacco pipes, hookahs, sherlocks, chillums, and accessories are also inspected to ensure quality workmanship  They have to meet our President's approval before being shipped to you!  If, for some unforeseen reason, breakage occurs during shipment follow our return policy.

You must be of legal age (18 in many States; 21 in others) to purchase tobacco products.  It is your responsibility to know your state and local laws regarding the possession and use of tobacco pipes and accessories.  All of our products are sold "for tobacco use only".

It is illegal to use drug paraphernalia wordage (slang) when referring to any of our products.  We sell water pipes, tobacco pipes, glass pipes, etc.  not BONGS!  If you make an inappropriate reference, we will deny your service -- it is Kentucky law.


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